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Bioengineering tomorrow's athlete; revolutionizing today's healthcare

Innovators in Biometrics Testing with Digital Solutions

At Synectics Labs, we are transforming the face of healthcare by setting the bar of clinical excellence, digitally. With our patent-pending bio-integration algorithm, we are transforming what was once unpredictable into validated, predictable outcomes.

Biomedical Engineering 

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Biomarker Analysis
and Profiling

Highly sensitive and specific for detecting injury, risk assessment, , guided therapeutic interventions, and performance optimization.

Our proprietary NeuroEfficiency algorithm captures very specific data points to predict with greater accuracy than MRI   

Our proprietary NeuroEfficiency algorithm captures hundreds of specific data points to predict clinical diagnosis with greater accuracy than MRI; detect any previous lower extremity surgery or previous non-contact injury ≤12 months; correlationsto well-accepted risk factors for future injury risk   

Our revolutionary NeuroCorrective program, harnesses the power of data-driven methodologies for reliable, unmatched outcomes. You are now prepared to embark on your six-week transformative journey within the comfort of your own home. All the necessary equipment will be provided.

After successful completion of the NeuroCorrective program, a RE-TEST is provided to validate the  effectiveness of your NeuroCorrective Program, and you will now become eligible for the in-season NeuroMonitor Program

Synectics Labs:
A Biotechnology and Applied Research Laboratory

Innovators in adaptive system's engineering

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